Avoid Ads and Maketers from Following You

If you want to avoid being tracked by a cookie or deter online behavioral advertising, go here: http://www.aboutads.info/  This will allow you to opt out from online behavioral ads served by some or all of our participating companies.



My favorite free tool for stock watchlists, investing insights, charting, notes, managing portfolios, etc. is now Wikinvest. You can import your portfolios from your accounts so you can track them and see real-time market data.

If you are a developer/blogger, you can use their tools in your blog. Like:

Great tool! Check it out.


How to Prevent Junk Mail

Don't you just hate junk mail? What a burden on the environment! Not to mention taking up all that space in your mini-mailbox. Never fear, go here: Proquo. It's a free service and promises to stop different kinds of junk mail from different sources.


Give me the Operator!

"Give me the operator!" Don't you get frustrated sometimes when you are going in circles while calling a business. You try pressing 0 or the * key and nothing. You get frustrated then you hang up. You just wanted to talk to someone and not some machine. Well I have something for you. Go here, Gethuman, find the company and look under the gethuman column to see how you can talk to homo sapiens sapiens.


Save - Free Firewall

Recently I installed the free firewall software from Comodo. It is a neat program and has fewer pop-ups than other firewalls because of its ability to "learn". So if you need a free firewall software, try this one as it was also recommended in the latest issue of PC Mags under The Best Free Software.

Save - Free Antivirus Software

Need a free antivirus software? Try avast! 4 Home Edition. I recently installed it on my notebook and currently use it. It has a couple of "engines" that check email, web, smtp, etc. There is no adware or any other annoyances. Give it a try.


Travel Search Engines I Use

Here are some of the travel engines I use. Give them a try, specially on Tuesdays at midnight. 1. Mobissimo 2. Kayak 3. Sidestep Good luck and happy traveling!